The New .MARKETING Top Level Domain Offers marketing related websites an improved platform to reach their intended audience. Make Your New Marketing Website Home at .MARKETING.

About .Marketing

.marketing is a new Top Level Domain dedicated to the online world of . . marketing. The .Marketing domain extension will allow websites with a marketing theme to enjoy a distinctive, more relevant address on the world wide web.

  • Pre-Register .MARKETING Domains

    The .marketing TLD is hoped to be released in the next year. Official registration details will be available at a later date. You will be able to find prices, registration policies including any restrictions and requirements here. Can’t wait to register your new .MARKETING domain? Some good services that are offering pre-registration for .marketing domains: [...]

  • The .MARKETING Registry

    The .MARKETING registry can be referred to as a domain name register or database, where all domain names are registered ending with .marketing. This is done by a Network Information Center (NIC) where the database of domain names are stored which again is a part of the Domain Name System (DNS) that manages the domain [...]

  • .MARKETING Launch and Availability

    Once the .MARKETING Top Level Domain has been added to the root of the internet, domain names using .marketing as the suffix can then function as addresses on the world wide web. Those names can be offered to users to register and use as their website name address. There is usually a protocol, or launch [...]